Summer Time Dog Walk – Foto Friday

Dog walks each Friday morning –

Unless the weather is truly horrible, every Friday morning is spent in the woods with the dogs. With more than one on leash, I seldom carry a camera. Rather, I pull out my old iPhone and hope for the best when I have an opportunity to take a few snaps.

Most of my photos are tossed — way too blurry.

A photograph of Gryphon, a Great Prynenees, one the the rescues who found a forever home with Rebecca on a dog walk.

Gryphon stops and looks back to see who is coming up the trail. A Great Pyrenees, he is an expert guardian.

A photograph of dogs on a dog walk in the woods. Mooch, Squirt and Annie in the distance.

Mooch, the latest rescue, is a “string dog.” Squirt the next dog up the trail is trusted to hang fairly close on walks. Annie runs ahead enjoying every moment. She prefers being a “freedom dog.”

 Second dog walk of the morning

A photograph of a dog called "Adoptable" on a dog walk. He's looking for his forever home.

After the family walk, I take “Adoptable” out for his dog walk. Most of the photos of him are blurry. The boy cannot be still for long.

Most of our dogs are good off leash in our woods. Some of those off-leash took a long time before they were trusted.

Read about off leash reliability at Whole Dog Journal.

Do you have a safe place for off leash dog walks?