Our Dog World: Typical Day? More or less.

A photograph of a dog named Merlin. He's a Golden Retriever and one of the rescued dogs who live with the K9 Muse, Rebecca Johnson.

WET DOG – Merlin, a Golden Retriever and one of “our dog world” rescues, enjoys a swim in the creek before, during and after walks. ~ photo by Rebecca J. Johnson

Afraid this is a typical our dog world day …

A couple weeks ago the dogs let us sleep in.

Go figure.

Sometimes the dogs begin the “it’s a new day people” routine a bit after 5 a.m. That Friday was different, at least in the “let’s get up people” part. Otherwise, it was a rather typical day in our dog world.

7 a.m. (more or less): After enjoying a 30-minute luxurious snuggle with Annie, the humans are up. I’m drinking my “first thing in the morning” two glasses of water. JP is already at the coffee. In a few minutes I’ll be there.

7:30 (more or less): I discover a crumbly dog poop in the bed. Some lovely dog, Annie or Dizzy most likely, found a couple-day-old poop piece and brought it in as a snack. Didn’t finish it.

We do feed these guys well. Really. Why, is the question.

I clean it up.

Our dog world day continues – feeding completed

8:30 (more or less): The extra dog living in a stall in the barn (“Adoptable”), is fed. The rescued potbellied pig is fed. The stray cat,  still in need of a forever home is fed. (By the way, she found her wonderful forever home since then. Can you see my “happy dance“?) All 13 of the resident rescued dogs are fed.

This day in “our dog world” is ticking on.

8:35 (more or less): I am picking up all the dog bowls. With 13 dogs there are eating stations all over the house. I stumble upon my second fun clean up of the day.

Someone tossed their cookies in the living rooming during the night. Grass, slime and seven pieces of bone are deposited between two dog beds.


Wonder who?

Let me think … It could be one of those who found yet another rotting deer carcass days earlier.

JP’s been looking for this one for several days. Incredibly smelly, large pieces carried in by the big dogs.

Sometimes I think we live in the middle of  “The Wildlife Body Farm” for forensic scientists studying decomposition of wildlife. (Not to be confused with “THE Body Farm.)  More specifically, we must be inside “The Deer Body Farm.”

The remains were finally located yesterday in the creek that skirts the back pasture.

Another tractor job for JP.


RIP White Tail deer.

Or, the bone bits could have been from some other poor creature. Perhaps the flat gray squirrel Streak carried around on a few walks. He was proud of it and hid it from the others several times. Finally, however, another dog, I think it was Noogie, found it. The rest of the hair and bones, I’m sure, were eaten by someone.

Who knows? Deer, squirrel, something else? I did not examine the bone bits carefully. That would be a job for “Bones,” not me. I just cleaned up the mess.

Finally, the dog walk in our dog world

9:05 (more or less): Two humans and 13 dogs are in the woods.

I have three dogs on leads. JP has two. The other eight are enjoying their freedom and all over the place.

A photograph of a dog named Annie. She has a hurt nose. It healed.

OUCH! — Annie must have stuck her nose in the wrong hole. Rest assured, the bloody scrapes are now healed and she continues to enjoy every dog walk in “our dog world.” ~ blurry photo by Rebecca J. Johnson

9:30 (more or less): Annie dashes down the trail to check in with me. She has a bloody nose. It doesn’t slow her down in the least. She grabs her “check-in” bits of bison dog chow, whirls and charges in another direction. I call her back.

Ouch! It looks like some wild thing skinned the end of her nose. She must have stuck it in the wrong hole.

Nothing to do for it at the moment.

Her next “check-in” she leaves my treat hand smeared with blood. Sigh.

“Our dog world” day continued

By the way, her nose is healed. White where it should be black.

She’s a good girl.

A photograph of a dog with a temporary name of "Adoptable." The was thrown away. Now he needs a forever home.

ADOPTABLE – The barn dog and my second dog walk — a typical thing in our “dog world day.” ~ photo by Rebecca J. Johnson

11:05 (more or less): The 13 are back in the yard and I’m on my second walk of the morning during a rather typical day in our dog world.

What’s your typical dog day like?

Let me know.