Gone: Cleo’s Misadventure

 A dog book for readers 8 to 96

Image of the front cover dog book, Gone: Cleo's Misadventure.

Gone: Cleo’s Misadventure – a dog book

Cleo, a Basset Hound, knows what it is like to be lost and alone. She has finally found a loving home and her very own “Clean Ears” bowl. But one day she becomes so engrossed in following a deer trail on the family walk, that she is unable to find her way back to her loving family. As she tries to return home, she is picked up by a well-meaning stranger who inadvertently takes her even farther from her home. Now Cleo must find her way back to the home she loves, through harsh and unforgiving terrain. Along the way, Cleo will once again encounter the obstacles and pitfalls of her former life on the road, and in the process, cherish all the more the family and home that she left behind.

Inspired by the actual experiences of author Rebecca Johnson and the sudden loss of her beloved rescued Basset Hound, Cleo, “Gone: Cleo’s Misadventure” is a fictional, sometimes tearful, and often humorous recounting of Cleo’s days on the road, told from Cleo’s point of view. The story is the first dog book in the Cleo’s Misadventure series.

Dognapped: Cleo’s Misadventure 2

Cleo slips away for a little recreational deer carcass chewing, takes a little nap and finds herself dog-napped and off on her second misadventure in the southwest desert. This is the second dog book in the Cleo’s Misadventure series.

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Coming “we hope” in 2016.