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PTSD dogs for Vets – trained by inmates

Inmates for dogs and dogs for PTSD veterans It’s a win-win-win. The dogs leave “death row” in a shelter where they were the inmates and go a prison where humans are the inmates. Behind those bars the dogs and the humans rehabilitate each other and train for life out

Heroes to each other – an old man and a Beagle

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A little backstory about the man of the “old man and a Beagle” … My father, Edward Love Johnson, is the old man. For years Dad tried to “save” us from ourselves. Every time a stray dog would show up we would take it in. He would try to “run them off” before

“Adoptable” – A dog looking for a forever home

Foto Friday – Another Show-up Dog Thirteen dogs call our place home We are over our limit. There’s no more room at the inn. So, here comes another. He’s a Pit. He’s about a year old. He’s a super sweet dog. Shots and worming = done. Message to the universe

Parker for 2014 AHA Hero Dog – Therapy

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Versatile Parker, Hero nominee Parker is a talented dog actor and a handsome dog model. But more importantly, Parker is an incredible therapy dog. A Golden Retriever, Parker stands 23 inches at the shoulder. His eyes are deep brown. His coat is golden. Everything about this dog is huggable and

Mutt-i-grees® – teaching kids to give, receive love via dogs

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Mutt-i-grees® – What? A nearby library was hosting a meeting about Mutt-i-grees® a program connecting the natural affinity children have for animals and to the unique and desirable characteristics of shelter dogs. Mutt-i-grees®? Never heard of it … I was curious. Anything to help shelter dogs find love and

Soldiers reunited with dogs they rescued

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  A promise kept!