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Our Dog World: Typical Day? More or less.

Afraid this is a typical our dog world day … A couple weeks ago the dogs let us sleep in. Go figure. Sometimes the dogs begin the “it’s a new day people” routine a bit after 5 a.m. That Friday was different, at least in the “let’s get up people”

Summer Time Dog Walk – Foto Friday

Dog walks each Friday morning – Unless the weather is truly horrible, every Friday morning is spent in the woods with the dogs. With more than one on leash, I seldom carry a camera.

Fireworks and dogs don’t mix

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Fireworks phobia in dogs – Of our current pack of 13 canine rescues, I know at least half are afraid of thunder and gunfire. Probably as many are upset by fireworks. We live in a rural area, miles from any fireworks shows. However, the sounds of  fireworks carry and